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Why Choose Macks Solicitors for your Whiplash Claim?

Our specialist personal injury solicitors have undergone many years of legal training, adhere to professional rules and standards and are strictly regulated. We have a great deal of experience in all types of personal injury claim, including high value cases of catastrophic head and spinal injury, so you can be sure that your whiplash claim is in safe hands with Macks Solicitors.

Our aim is to recover the maximum compensation available for our clients, taking medico-legal advice so that the effect the injury is likely to have in the future is taken into account when considering the amount of compensation that should be awarded.

Everyone at Macks Solicitors is committed to providing clients with a high standard of professional care and we are proud to say that many new clients come to Macks on personal and professional recommendation.

You can call Macks Solicitors for advice on any personal injury claim, including whiplash, without any obligation. Simply call Freephone 0800 652 4321 or complete the Apply Online form and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

Think Twice Before Accepting Offers of Early Settlement from Insurers

It is becoming increasingly common for Insurance Companies to approach accident victims who they believe are likely to pursue a claim for compensation with offers of money. While their offer may seem an appealing at first glance there are a number of things you would be wise to consider before you accept.

The Judicial Studies Board publish guideline amounts for damages and the sums offered by insurers seldom come within the recommended range for whiplash injury
Most people have no idea how much their whiplash claim is likely to be worth without the benefit of legal advice. Although the compensation the insurance companies offer may seem a lot of money it is unlikely to take into account all the factors that your solicitor would, such as loss of earnings and the cost of any future treatment.

The insurers offer will be made without the benefit of medico-legal advice. A solicitor will arrange for a medical examination by an expert who will prepare a full and detailed report detailing any relevant pre-accident medical history, the injuries sustained, treatment received and present condition, in particular the effect on daily living and the capacity for work. The expert will also be asked to give their opinion as to when or if the complaint or disability is likely to resolve. Without the benefit of a medical report any compensation award may not accurately reflect the true value of the claim.

If you accept the insurers offer you will probably be asked to sign a discharge form to prevent you from re-opening your claim.
By making an early offer the insurers are seeking to reduce the cost of a possible claim and in doing so are denying legitimate claimants the right to seek independent legal advice. If you have been approached by an insurance company with an offer of compensation, you would be wise to ask an independent specialist solicitor for advice before you accept.

Macks Solicitors will help you get the Compensation you Deserve

Macks Solicitors have many years experience in handling whiplash claims and will be happy to answer any questions you have without any obligation. Simply call Freephone 0800 652 4321 or complete the 30 second claim form and Macks will call you.

A Word of Caution about Claims Management Companies

You should be cautious about using a Claims Management Company to handle your whiplash claim. They have no legal training themselves and unless they pass your claim on to a solicitor they are unable to pursue your compensation claim through the courts. They may therefore encourage you to accept an out of court settlement even if this means you receive less compensation.

Some Claims Management Companies will pass claims straight on to a solicitor who pays them for the referral. The choice of solicitor will be the claim company’s and not yours and is often based upon the amount they will pay the claims management company for a client’s details and not on the solicitor’s ability to handle the claim. Some companies make money by selling insurance to clients to help pay for the cost of pursuing the claim and some will even take a percentage of the compensation awarded to their client.

Speak directly to a Solicitor you can Trust Macks Solicitors never take referrals from Claims Management Companies. Has your Whiplash Claim suffered through your Solicitor’s Negligence? Macks Solicitors is one of very few law firms who have the expertise and willingness to sue negligent personal injury solicitors. Although most solicitors perform their duties to the same high standards as Macks, we firmly believe that anyone whose personal injury claim has suffered because their solicitor has been negligent should have access to proper legal advice and redress. If you have a personal injury claim with another solicitor, which you believe has suffered because of their professional negligence you can call Macks Solicitors for confidential advice on Freephone 0800 980 9388 or complete the 30 second claim form and a specialist solicitor will call you.